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All of our hot stamping machines have been developed to offer ease of use, broad capability, and high definition desktop foil imprinting. Capable of printing from 1-1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 5″, and our other models up to 5” x 5 ½”.  Our machines have the largest printing area available on desktop models. They are designed and built with aerospace tolerances to offer longevity, accuracy and consistent printing. All our model machines have been used for a wide variety of applications for industrial, party, wedding and personalization needs and can print on paper, leather, plastic, wood, vinyl, Mylar and more.

Hot foil stamping is a great way to stamp a name or logo onto books, napkins, matchbooks, photographs and much more. Foil stampers are easy to use and operate and the end result looks great! Many think that foil stamping is a complicated process, but it is actually much easier than it looks and can be done by just about anyone.